Carlyn Wiltshire

Technical sales specialist

I'm Carlyn Wiltshire, a driven and passionate sales professional with more than 25 years’ success and experience in the field, as a Sales Manager and a Sales Director. Naturally, you’d expect that a technical sales specialist would have an outstanding track record in her field. I’m happy to reveal a few key facts that will assure you I'm the ideal person to improve technical sales performance for your business.

I believe that with the right skills, tools and confidence, sales can be fun, exciting & very rewarding

     Experience in technical sales

  • managed substantial sales teams and international distributors
  • ran large sales divisions at Laporte ESD (now Ecolab)
  • former Sales and Marketing Director of R-MC Ltd and Business Development Director of Bodycote Health Sciences
  • successfully managed £20million+ sales budgets and sales strategies
  • strong experience in improving sales in the food, chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and environmental industries.
  • fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing management

Working with you 

I work with companies across the UK to grow sales by improving the tools, skills and resources available and helping customer-facing staff to generate sales opportunities. My hands-on, interactive and practical approach strengthens skills, confidence and results.

I’ve helped companies improve sales by developing their sales strategies, sales processes and account management structure and through tailored sales team coaching, mentoring and training. And if your business relies on building relationships with medium to high value customers, I can transform your consultative sales techniques and key account management so that those crucial customers stay with you and buy more.  

I can also act as your interim Sales Director or Non-Executive Sales Director (NED). 

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