October 17

The re:school: seminar series – updated information


What: ‘The re:school: seminar series’
When: Mid-September through December 2014
Who: the re:centre, the University of Bradford’s business enterprise hub
Where: Yorkshire & Humber (excluding South Yorkshire)

From Mid-September through December 2014 the re:centre at the University of Bradford is providing Yorkshire and Humber’s manufacturing community an opportunity to be involved with a game-changing programme of events and business support.

The re:school is a fully ERDF funded programme of business support for owners of small and medium sized manufacturing businesses based in Yorkshire and Humber, excluding South Yorkshire.

Developed by a team of academic and private sector experts, this is an opportunity for business owners and managers to embed new concepts in business management, planning, resource efficiency and environmental streamlining into their existing business practices.

Centered on the concept of ‘The Circular Economy’ – the re-thinking of traditional manufacturing models for a post-depression age – this unique programme of events and mentoring encompasses many new concepts in business management.

The normal thinking for many everyday business issues has been reinvented.   Topics to be covered in the event programme will include:

Growth and Innovation in Textiles

Reshaping Thinking on Urban Development

Creating Value From Waste

Saving and Making Energy

Innovations in Sales Technique

Leadership and Management

10 Routes to a Competitive Advantage

Efficient Project Management for Manufacturing Businesses

Practical Export Advice in an Ever-Changing World

Full information about the event programme can be found on the re:centre website – http://www.bradford.ac.uk/recentre/

There is also an opportunity for eligible manufacturing businesses to work with the re:school team on a 1-2-1 basis where the requirements of the business owner necessitate individual support.


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