September 24

Why not selling whilst networking really works


I have built a really great relationship with a fantastic growing business in Leeds and this came about because neither of us sold to each other!

I initially met up with the CEO, Caroline Wherritt, at a BNI training event. We were just chatting about the event, and if I remember rightly, mainly about the colour green and coffee…

Caroline runs a company that supplies trendy and affordable office furniture called re:work in Leeds. I was particularly interested in her ethics and environmental credentials.

We decided to meet up with absolutely no intention of directly working together, but perhaps we could help each other along the way with referrals.

We met at her showroom and started talking about her business. They were actively looking at growing the part of the business that provides new high quality furniture to the professional market.

The great thing with re:work is that they can manage the whole office refurbishment from the design, removal of old, and installation of new office furniture reducing the hassle involved in changing office furniture.

Although I was unaware, Caroline was listening to me when I was explaining what I do and was thinking to herself… “I could do with that, and that, … and that too!”. She asked whether I could help her grow her business and look to work with her sales team.

So far we have completed a strategic workshop, sales training and one-on-one mentoring and coaching. I am also working with Caroline on some strategic projects as her resident interim Sales Director.

We had a great win recently and gained an order worth over 100 times the average order size at re:work. This was a great team effort and the success was mainly down to a strategic shift and belief that they can do it!

So, the moral of the story is not only do great relationships come out networking, but also big business too!


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