Technical Sales Training

Your company’s greatest asset is you and your staff.

By investing in relevant, high quality training, you’ll raise your people’s skills and confidence levels – and your profits.

Tailored interactive training

Tailored interactive training

Would you like to:
  • ‘unblock’ your sales process?
  • upskill, motivate and re-energise your team?
  • inspire team spirit?
  • raise confidence?
A fresh take on technical sales training

I tailor sales training to your own company products, services and people. I’m passionate about delivering training that’s practical and hands-on, with role plays and interactive exercises to make process engaging, successful and relevant to your industry.

What will it cover?

As with all my work, the topics depend on what you and your people need. For example, we might look at:

  • selling to the technical market
  • understanding why customers buy
  • buying strategies and what they mean for you
  • finding, warming and converting leads
  • how to give great presentations
  • negotiating skills and handling objections

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How does it work?

Courses are tailored to a company’s needs and products and for any level of technical sales skill, from beginners to advanced salespeople.

Training sessions are held at your site and normally take one half-day (3 hours).

Each session is followed by supportive telephone calls for help on real-time sales experiences or more in depth coaching is available if required.

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