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We Challenge You!

Do you find yourself struggling to boost your sales? Fear not, for we have just the solution you're looking for! Sales can be a daunting and demoralising, what with managing your sales pipeline, finding quality leads, and then converting them into sales.

With my 30 years of sales experience, I totally understand the frustrations you're facing.

That's why I work with hundreds of businesses like yours, providing sales consulting, training, and coaching. And now, I've created a fun and interactive challenge designed to quickly get you back on track with your sales.

Sign up for our 10 Day Sales Accelerator Challenge now and start growing your business today!

Why did we create this  sales challenge? 

This is not a gimmick, we are a sales consultancy and training company that help 100s of companies grow their sales.

This challenge was designed as a stand alone programme that focuses on the easy wins, things you can do quickly and easily that will have a major impact on your sales. We know this because we work with businesses every day working with them to grow their sales and these are the key areas that help them more successful.

Challenge yourself! 

Go on! Take our challenge! We dare you to complete our 10 tasks designed to help you grow the sales in your business. 

build a strong sales pipeline

Stop working with a confused sales pipeline. Is it too small, is it full of mystery, do you know how to speed it up?

 Grow your sales

After you complete the challenge, you will have put yourself in the best position to grow your sales! We challenge you! 

What's so great about this sales challenge? 

It's 10 tasks that you can do right now! 

You get instant access to the 10 quick challenges all nicely organised in our learning area. The challenges are simply explained as tasks via instructional videos. All easily accessible via desktop/mobile and include summaries and downloadable tools. No Excuses! 

It's focused on growing your sales

By taking this challenge, you will be given 10 tasks that you can put in place in your business straight away. These will focus on the things you need to do to grow your sales pipeline, find quality leads and convert more sales into customers. Once complete, you will have an organised and growing sales pipeline and the tools to maintain high conversion rates. 

You will get tools to help with challenges

Not only will you be doing sales challenges to boost sales, you will have access to tools to help you get them done. Our Sales pipeline Cleaner will categorise your current leads for you. Our Awesome Content Creator  will help you write great content for any platform. Also available for you is a simple strategy for social media,  Simple SM Lead Gen Action Plan.

You can book a strategic sales audit after

We don't just leave you to it! After you have completed all the challenges , you have the opportunity to talk with our technical sales specialist. They can go through with you any clarifications you may need, or maybe even to audit your current sales process if you wish. 

Build a Sales Mindset

Find Quality Leads

Grow your sales Pipeline

Make more Sales!

Our Results

Petra -Sales Training

I was having difficulties closing sales. I could see the difference straight away, with more new business & leads! 


Phil-Sales Training

 I've gained confidence & significantly improved my sales conversion rates. 


Andrew -Sales Training

I now understand how to win more business and have more sales confidence!


What will you take away? 


Grow Your Sales Pipeline
  • Drop the pushy sales mentality and making the wrong types of sales calls. Practice a sales mindset strategy that will make sales a lot more fun and rewarding. 
  • Organise your sales pipeline with our Sales Pipeline cleaner tool so you can focus on the right opportunities.
  • Build key skills to improve sales proactivity. Keep on top of your sales to ensure you are doing the right sales activities to drive sales through your sales process.

3 challenges


Find Quality Leads
  • Reduce your number of bad leads. Learn & put into practice a strategy that will ensure you are prospecting the right type of leads.
  • Understand what type of content works for you & create better marketing content using our Awesome content generator tool. 
  • Produce a workable lead generation plan. We include our nifty, Simple SM Lead Gen Action Plan to give you guidance on the best way to  connect & post on social media.

4 challenges


Convert More Sales
  • Start being sales efficient!  Work on the" low hanging fruit" - opportunities that may be in front of you that you are not taking advantage of.
  • Spend time optimising your current sales pipeline by analysing your current sales activities. 
  • Learn how to measure success and improvements required to improve your conversion rates and grow your sales. It's a lot easier for you using our Sales Conversion Analyser

3 challenges

Use Our Unique Tools

We created these tool for our clients and have included them for you to take away and use to support your task. These can be used not just during the challenge, you can take them away and use them over and over again! 

"Sales Pipeline cleaner"

Cleaning a sales pipeline is an emotional and difficult thing to do. That's why we created this online tool especially for this purpose. Just answer a few questions and the tool will tell you what you should be doing next.

"Awesome content generator"

Don't know where to start or what to write about next? Don't worry. We have devised a simple interactive tool to use the knowledge you have about the solutions you provide for your clients into great content. 

"Simple SM Lead Gen Action Plan"

Being consistent with social media is really important. We will share with you a simple plan that owe use for our social media planning -  it is easy to follow regularly without taking up too much of your time. .

"Sales Conversion Analyser  "

Understanding where and how your sales conversions are performing is key to being able improve and grow your future sales & profit. 

TAKE THe sales accelerator Challenge

Grow Your Sales Faster and Better

More Results

Sales Training uk

Highly recommended. Have attended other sales training courses and this was far superior.


Her depth of knowledge and friendly approach improved my success rates and helped me gain more new business.


Carlyn added sales structure and focus to sales in our business. Our sales team is now performing better.


Frequently asked questions

Why does it cost £98.76?

You will have access to a series of challenges and amazing takeaway tools that you can implement in your business straight away. 10 challenges created to have an immediate impact on the sales in your business. Each costing not much more than a Starbucks coffee, surely that's great value for money.

If you want a more formal sales training with individual 1-2-1 support, then you are probably in the wrong place, you need to enrol on our sales skills mastery course which is much more comprehensive and includes six coaching sessions click here to enrol.

What if I don't know much about sales?

It doesn't matter if you have never been on a formal training course or you're new to sales. The challenges are well explained in an intructional video format with supporting summary information. You do need to have some sort of sales role, though, to be able to do the challenges :). 

How do I access the challenges?

It's really easy, sign up to the challenge and you will be given a login to access the challenge in our learning area which is really easy to navigate! Any further questions, just get in touch! 

Do I have to to the challenges in 10 days?

Of course not! You can take as long as you like.  All we ask is that you complete the tasks in order and in full in order to get the most out of your purchase.