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Sales Skills Mastery Course

For B2B Business Owners, Managers & Salespeople...

Grow Your Business Faster

Gain The Skills and Strategies You Need to Convert More Sales!

Hybrid Formal Sales Training Course

Designed to Give You All The Skills & Tools You Need To Grow Your Sales Pipeline & Sustain Sales Growth indefinitely.

Includes 6 personal sales coaching sessions 

For Business Owners, Managers & Salespeople...

Gain The Skills You Need to Increase Your Sales Confidence & Convert More Sales!

Why You Need This Sales Training Course

Sales is one of the most important skills in business. Without good selling technique & knowledge, your company could be missing out by losing quality opportunities that just weren't managed well. This will directly impact on your turnover growth and profitability. 

And yet, there are loads of companies employing sales people with the right personality or technical knowledge but with no formal sales training. Putting them on a sales training course would greatly enhance their ability to turn those amazing opportunities in your pipeline into great clients

We work with 100s of businesses helping them with their sales through consulting, training and coaching. This sales training too provides a hybrid learning experience of theory & coaching to ensure you get a personal bespoke experience to optimise the results you will get from this course. 

We have added some video testimonials below of people who have been on this course and found wins straight away! 

We work with businesses, just like you, who need more structure and focus...  because it's not always that simple to bringing in new sales!

If you have any questions - check out our FAQ below on our sales training uk which might help you decide the course is for you.

What's so great about this sales course? 

It's a formal sales training course

This technical sales training course is comprehensive. It covers everything you need to be a competent sales person. I have managed and trained 100s of salespeople. This is a collection of all the training that I find most effective, all put together logically in a 6 week course, 1 module per week with a sales coaching call at the end to discuss how to implement what you've learned in your business development activities. 

It's focused on optimising your sales process

This technical sales training course systematically goes through each stage of your sales process. We'll optimise your process to find best practices for you along the way...This means you'll achieve the optimum sales conversions at each stage of your pipeline. So that you ultimately convert more sales opportunities into customers! 

You will get tools to help that you can use forever

With this technical sales training course, you will get a full set of tools and assets that you can use in your business  helping you build the right sales techniques and sales & marketing collateral. It includes spreadsheets & sample templates of what you need to grow your business and increase your turnover.

You will receive 6 coaching sessions

We don't just leave you to it! 

During the 6-week course, you will have access to weekly LIVE coaching calls where you can go through any questions you may have about how it all fits in your business. As a result, the sales training uk becomes bespoke to your needs and the structure of your sales.

Google Reviews Sales training uk
  • Great sales training to help streamline processes and make the best use of our time. Thank you!

    Lauren Britton Avatar Lauren Britton
    June 28, 2024

    Carlyn delivers great sales training, the sessions are always very informative, personal, engaging and fun. I highly recommend CW Sales!

    Poppy Stahelin Avatar Poppy Stahelin
    September 18, 2023

    Very knowledgeable and informative professional service

    Matthew Williamson Avatar Matthew Williamson
    August 18, 2023
  • Really helpful training, I’ve learnt a lot about improving processes & thinking strategically.

    Holly Brailsford Avatar Holly Brailsford
    September 11, 2023

    Carlyn has been a great sales mentor to our team. I would highly recommend her services.

    Lyle Hardman Avatar Lyle Hardman
    September 7, 2023

    Carlyn is a delight to work with, she has helped excel the Calibre Sales team over the last 12 months through her positive training methods

    lewis langford Avatar lewis langford
    September 7, 2023
  • Carlyn's is a great trainer who really works at getting the best out of people. Her training is very informative and empowering. I have been doing sales for 20... read more

    Donna Blezzard Avatar Donna Blezzard
    September 15, 2023

    Very interesting course, i have learned loads about sales

    OSCAR the CHAMP Avatar OSCAR the CHAMP
    September 18, 2023

    Very professional and trusted partner of ours!

    Ben Hutchinson Avatar Ben Hutchinson
    September 7, 2023
  • Fantastic sales training!

    Nemi Alexis Avatar Nemi Alexis
    September 13, 2023

    Carlyn has been a wonderful asset to the sales & marketing team!

    Rachael Gibson Avatar Rachael Gibson
    September 7, 2023

    Carlyn has been a great help, and always there to encourage you!

    Nicole Barton Avatar Nicole Barton
    September 7, 2023
  • Carlyn delivered a wonderful course full of relevant and up to date content. Her inspiring and upbeat character made face to face sessions great fun and provided an open... read more

    Jemma hall Avatar Jemma hall
    July 2, 2024

    I know Carlyn through the Fore Business golf network and her ability to help people with their sales is clear to see from all my engagements with her.

    Phil Boyle Avatar Phil Boyle
    August 23, 2023

    Excellent sessions.. I have completed 6 modules with Carlyn and they have been fantastic. It’s been great to deep dive into the world of sales and I’ve already learnt... read more

    Louis Hill Avatar Louis Hill
    September 11, 2023
  • Great support for our Sales team & sales Processes

    Paul Cliffe Avatar Paul Cliffe
    September 7, 2023

Sales Skills mastery Course

This hybrid formal sales training course is comprehensive, covering everything you need to be a competent salesperson

This is a collection of all the training that I find most effective, all put together logically in 6/7 week course, 1 module per week. It also includes a 1-2-1 sales coaching call at the end at the end of each module to discuss how to implement what you've learned specifically in your sales activities or business. 

The Sales Skills Mastery Course and gain the essential skills, strategies & techniques you need.

We have such confidence that this sales course will have an impact on your sales, it comes with a 30-day guarantee !

Sales Skills Mastery Course

What Past Students Have Taken From The Course.... 

Meet Petra - See how she closed more sales and increased conversion rates for her business.

Meet George - Listen to how he improved his sales systems & grew his confidence in sales.

Meet Andrew - He explains how he knows what to do to win business & make calls without fear.

Phil-Sales Training

Phil Blythe


Carlyn's training has proved invaluable. I've gained confidence in my technique and significantly improved conversion rates. Sales courses uk


business development manager

Her support, depth of knowledge and friendly approach improved my success rates and helped me gain more new business. 

James Pierce

Managing Director

Extremely useful. Very bespoke to our company and a very intimate experience. Highly recommended. Have attended other sales training courses and this was far superior

What will you take away? 

Module 1

Sales - The basics
  • Here we bring you all up to the same sales level, learning the key sales knowledge to help you understand sales better. 
  • Build a strong mindset and gain sales confidence! With this you will be in a better position to approach sales positively
  • Grow a better understanding your sales process and your buyers buying process to find the gaps hindering your sales.

7 Lessons

Module 2

Find Quality Leads
  • Optimise your lead generation and collate marketing information that will be invaluable during your sales process.
  • Focused lessons on target market analysis & stakeholder mapping to build your network - access to marketing tools to help are included.
  • Use our product offer analysis spreadsheet to understand the "why your customers buy" and use this information to sell smarter.

8 Lessons

Module 3

Qualify Better
  • Save valuable time by figuring out how to confidently qualify prospects to see whether they should enter your sales process.
  • Learn how to build quick rapport and long-lasting enduring relationships with prospects and clients ensure you manage your sales pipeline more effectively.
  • Find out the best techniques & questions you need to ask to be a champion qualifier!  

8 Lessons

Module 4

Refine your Sales approach
  • Discover how to ask the right questions and how to listen effectively on the phone & in meetings. Learn how to find the right information you need to write a winning proposal. 
  • Prepare for your future calls/meetings with our sales meeting checklist.
  • Learn the best way to approach selling for your business for the highest conversion rates.

7 Lessons

Module 5

Present Competently! 
  • Discover the winning structure and content for all your sales presentations, proposals & quotes to ensure you get strong engagement. 
  • Learn what you should be including for maximum results. 
  • Creating and presenting appealing proposals makes a huge positive impact on your sales success!  

6 Lessons

Module 6

Convert More Sales
  • Learn how to effectively follow up on your sales proposal and manage and reduce any potential objections in order to convert more sales, quicker.  
  • Spend time optimising your current sales pipeline by analysing your current sales activities. 
  • Discover the methods for client retention and growing your business from within. 

7 Lessons

What Makes Us Different

This is not a stand-alone course. You will be supported all along the way! Many courses are never completed because people get stuck and confused and bail out. This course is different!

During the 6-week formal technical sales training course, you will have access to weekly LIVE coaching calls where you can go through any questions. As a result, the course becomes bespoke to your needs and the structure of your sales. Sales courses uk.

Build Essential Sales Skills

This course covers all the skills you need to be a confident & competent sales person.

Manage Your Sales Process 

We will go through each stage of your sales process and optimise it for the best results.

 Grow your sales

After you complete the course, you will have put yourself in the best position to grow your sales! 

Sign Up For Our Sales Skills Mastery Course Now! 

I want you to feel safe and secure that if you complete this course and do the work associated with it, that you will see a significant difference in your sales skills and sales conversion rates. Sign up today, go through the training, join the coaching calls, use all the resources and if for any reason you are not happy, just let me know within 30 days from ordering and I'll give you your money back. No quibbles.

Frequently asked questions

Why does it cost £995?

The course is a fully comprehensive 6 weeks online sales course (6-8 hours a week)  that includes 6 coaching sessions to put what you've learned into practice. We have priced this course competitively and still provide a very high Return On Investment (check out our video testimonials). If I was to deliver this course in person, I would charge well over £3,000 !! 

What if I don't know much about sales?

It doesn't matter if you have never been on a formal training course or you're new to sales. The lessons are well explained in an intructional video format with supporting summary information. You do need to have some sort of sales role, though, to be able to do the homework :). 

How do I access the course?

It's really easy, sign up to the course and you will be given a login to access the course in our learning area which is really easy to navigate! Any further questions, just get in touch! 

Do I have to to the course in 6 weeks?

No you don't! But that's the way it is set out for the best results. 

The course is set out to do one module & coaching call a week, to fit into your busy schedule. Each module will probably take 6-8 full hours including any homework.  

The second module covers marketing that we need to do in order to optimise our sales process. Sometimes, this can take 2 weeks, because you may not have done any of these activities before.  

It's important to put the effort in each week and be accountable to get the most out of your purchase.