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We work with B2B businesses to help them Convert & Grow More Sales

Technical Sales Specialists supporting your business and salespeople by improving sales skills, systems and processes. 

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Petra -Sales Training

I was having difficulties closing sales and not really having proper sales systems. When I started putting things in place, using your sales training... I could see the difference straight away, with more business & leads!  Watch her video here! 

Petra Romero miranda

Business Owner - AMALIDA Properties

So What Do We Do?

We provide 3 main services that will all enhance the clarity, structure & focus of sales in your business.

Technical Sales Consulting

Friendly and jargon-free, our experienced independent technical sales consultant will understand your sales issues and provide bespoke sales solutions specific to your business needs. 

Formal Online Sales Training

For Business Owners, Managers & Salespeople. Specific to your business - Includes 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions. Learn All The Tools Required To Build Confidence And Success In Sales!

Sales Mentorship Programme

For Business Owners & Sales Managers who want continued focus & clarity on their Sales! Working with you on your most important and current sales objectives & issues in an affordable way. 

Praise and Testimonials

George -Sales Training

The soft skills I have developed during the sales training have been really valuable.  I really recommend the course! Watch George's video 

George rourke

Phil-Sales Training

Carlyn's sales training has proved invaluable. I've gained confidence & significantly improved my conversion rates. 

Phil blythe

Andrew -Sales Training

I now understand how to win more business and have more sales confidence after the sales coaching. Watch Andrew's video here 

Andrew McCabe

Andy -Technical Sales Consultancy

Carlyn added sales structure and focus in our business through her sales consultancy. Our sales team are now performing better. Watch his video!

Andrew Stokes

How we can help you with your sales.....

CW Sales have been helping businesses like yours for over 9 years to improve sales strategy, sales processes and sales conversion rates to grow sales turnover and create more profit.

If you are looking to improve your sales , then we can provide you with technical sales training or sales coaching and mentoring  programmes to build confidence & skills in sales and as a result, convert more sales. 

Or, if you are looking to improve the structure & focus of sales in your business then we can help here too by providing you with bespoke sales systems and processes via our technical sales consultancy.

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