Technical Sales Consultancy and Sales Training Yorkshire, UK & Online

Technical Sales Consultancy for expert sales solutions

Help your company hit sales targets, increase profit, and grow

thanks to leading UK independent sales consultants.


Supporting companies to improve sales by developing sales strategies, sales processes and account management structure

Reviewing your current situation with a fresh pair of expert eyes and providing bespoke solutions specifically with your business in mind.


One on one sales coaching is an excellent way to build understanding of the key actions required to build and grow businesses.

Sharpen and refine your sales management skills and competencies to become more confident, effective and successful. 


Improve your sales conversion rates and gain better quality leads & customers with expert sales training in Yorkshire and online. 

Bespoke & online sales courses that will provide what is needed to build the skills and confidence to convert more leads into sales. 

Our Expert Technical Sales Consultancy Will Help You To:

develop  & grow your sales team | streamline and improve your sales process | meet and beat your sales targets | secure your future sales pipeline | raise your lead conversion rates | increase your company's  profitability

Independent technical sales consultants

Friendly and jargon-free, our experienced technical sales consultant will understand your sales issues and provide bespoke sales solutions specific to your business needs. 

Solution based Technical Sales UK

Technical sales with a consultative sales focus. Unbeatable solutions sales consultant services with an excellent track record: 95% of our business comes from word of mouth.

Free initial sales consultation

We provide a free initial sales consultation, where we will identify your growth barriers, business needs and challenges, and make recommendations without obligation to improve your sales performance.

THE approach

Technical Sales Consultancy : Bespoke sales Solutions

Understanding your technically biased business and its sales performance

Sales Consultancy strategically analyses the sales process within a business, from the bottom up. At its core, technical sales consultancy allows a business to understand how to get better sales performance and meet profit targets, all whilst being prepared for challenges to come.

As independent sales consultants coming from a technical role, we know that learning how to successfully sell into a technical market is different from more conventional marketplaces. For instance, many technical salespeople originate from an engineering or technician role. This is because product and industry knowledge are both critical for technical sales. Understanding how your customers’ products and processes work is vital to providing confidence in your sales technique and finding solutions to their needs. We are experts in providing technical sales consultancy for businesses in all industries, with experience in the manufacturing and servicing industries. We help you with queries on how to improve sales, train sales staff, or grow as a company.


Get in touch today with leading independent technical sales consultants for a friendly chat about your business, and get a tailored sales solution plan for your business.

Providing bespoke technical sales solutions 

We at CW Sales Ltd are an experienced sales strategy consulting firm in Yorkshire with a proven track record with a sales improvement process that will increase productivity, streamlining, and promote growth within profits and the company. We will work with you to create bespoke sales solutions within your industry, whilst keeping your specific needs in mind. We're proud to be independent sales consultants, creating tailored support packages without using unnecessary sales jargon or generalisations. 

How to improve sales


We are proud to provide a clear and comprehensive approach to improving your sales performance through a world-leading UK-based technical sales consultancy service. If you are in need of a strategy to improve profit and prepare for future challenges, as well as making progress in sales effectiveness, leads, improving sales talk, or more, get in touch today with our expert technical sales consultants. If you are looking to train your sales staff, we offer UK-leading technical sales  courses with one to one sales coaching and training, either from our Yorkshire home or online. Get in touch today with our friendly team to organise a free initial consultation!


Check out what clients are saying

Andrew Stokes Managing Director

Challenges you

Carlyn worked with us as an interim Sales Director. I endorse this lady all the way. She challenges you all the time.

Jenna Cooper Operations Manager

Fantastic sales trainer, knows her stuff!

Carlyn is great at opening a team up and helping us figure out what we need to do to achieve our goals. Fantastic sales trainer! I would recommend Carlyn to any business that is looking for help with improving sales.

Carlyn certainly knows her stuff!

Chris Corns Sales Manager

Tailored sales training

Carlyn provided relevant, educational and well balanced specifically tailored sales training to the group. Excellent, thank you

James Pierce Managing Director

Highly recommended

Extremely useful. Very bespoke to our company and a very intimate experience. Highly recommended. Have attended other sales training courses and this was far superior.

Phil Blythe Sales Consultant

Carlyn's training has proved invaluable to my career. I've gained confidence in my technique, significantly improved conversion rates & have been able to conduct much higher quality consultations with potential clients. Her enthusiasm for sales is infectious and the training sessions and both enjoyable and informative. I'd highly recommend working with her to any sales professional looking to improve their skills.

Steph Walker, Director

Understood our business needs

Really enjoyed the time we spent working with Carlyn. I felt she really understood the sales problems we had been facing and gave us the ideas to approach them differently and get through them.

Ken Reoch Sales Director

Partner to help you achieve your key business goals

Having worked with Carlyn over the past two years, I would highly recommend her as a partner to help you achieve your key business goals. Carlyn’s experience over the years in Sales, Sales Management and as a Sales Director would bring valuable “know how” in improving the skills and qualities of your people. She enjoys her work and her interactive and “fun” approach make for a great learning experience.

Y. Boudouropoulos Sales Manager

Sales mentoring support – knowledgeable and approachable

I began a new career in sales, Carlyn’s sales mentoring helped me improve the way I approach potential new clients and build effective consultative sales techniques. Her support, depth of knowledge and friendly approach improved my success rates and helped me gain more new business. I am more successful today because of the guidance that Carlyn gave me.

Andrew Bowyer Sales Manger

Support & Guidance

The content of the sessions has been insightful as well as thought provoking, which has kept me on my toes and aided my development. The fact that she was able to quickly decipher my best learning technique speaks volumes for her attention to individual client’s needs. I cannot thank Carlyn enough for her support and guidance and I would have no qualms about recommending her to clients or friends who need similar sales support.

Technical Sales Consultancy Yorkshire, Lancashire, UK:

Based in the market town of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, we provide leading technical consultancy services to anyone who needs their sales improving. Whether you are based in Yorkshire or beyond, such as in Manchester, Lancashire, or in the North East, we’re here to help. We also offer services such as sales coaching, with UK-leading sales training  online. If you are interested, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

Experienced and reputable sales strategy consulting firms are far and few between; make the right choice for your business by choosing CW Sales Consultancy. 

We offer a free initial consultation, so get in touch today and get your business’s sales back on track.

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