March 6, 2024

I wish I could have £1 for everyone that I have heard say “I Hate Sales”. There is such a negativity around sales, especially if it’s not the only role that you might have. However, what if we could change this perception and actually create a sense of enjoyment into the sales process?

You may have heard this before … well if you know me you will have.. 

” With the right skills, tools and confidence, sales can be fun, exciting & very rewarding ” me

This article is not about tips and tricks to close a deal; it’s about rewiring your brain to view sales through a different lens – a lens of opportunity, growth and yes…. fun. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a reluctant salesperson, this blog should help you think differently.

Shedding the Stigma: Why ‘Sales’ is More Than a Dirty Word

One of the reasons that sales is often misunderstood is because sales is associated with pushy tactics. For many, the word ‘sales’ evokes images of pesky telemarketers, manipulative tactics or even Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ Haggle Scene 🙂. It’s time to break free from this stigma. 

Pushy salespeople still exist, they are usually for one off sale where the potential client may never be seen again, sell now, buy now, urgency and pressure selling tactics. Unfortunately, these tactics can be bad press for us B2B /B2C salespeople who want to genuinely help clients.

Most sales professionals aren’t pushy. I believe the best sales approach to be consultative and strategic selling. We should be focusing on building strong relationships with clients, understanding their specific needs, and providing tailored solutions that add genuine value. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial. If you want to know more about this type of selling and how you can incorporate it into your business, get in touch. 

The Importance of a Sales Mindset 

Your mindset plays a critical role in your sales success. If you view sales as a burden or something to dread, it will reflect in your approach and ultimately impact your results.

But if you shift your mindset to see sales as an opportunity to help others and solve their problems, suddenly it becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. If you want to read about this, I wrote a blog all about this subject … click here to read it. 

ALSO: Check out our Free Lesson “How not to be a Pushy Sales Person”

  • Discovering the Joy in Technical Sales:
    Highlight the unique and fascinating aspects of technical sales. Discuss how your expertise adds layers of complexity and intrigue to the sales process. Share anecdotes that showcase the excitement of solving complex challenges for clients and the satisfaction that comes with finding innovative solutions.
  • Injecting Passion into the Process:
    As someone passionate about growing sales, emphasize the contagious nature of enthusiasm. When you approach sales with passion, it becomes more than a transaction – it becomes a genuine connection with your clients. Your enthusiasm can be a game-changer in making the sales experience enjoyable for both parties.
  • The Collaborative Dance of B2B Sales:
    Sales in the B2B realm is a dance, a collaboration between businesses. Discuss how this partnership aspect adds an element of joy to the process. Your mentorship programs and sales accelerator challenges exemplify the collaborative spirit, turning what might be seen as a chore into a shared success story.
  • Celebrating Wins, Big and Small:
    Sales is all about wins, and it’s time to celebrate them. Whether it’s closing a major deal, overcoming a challenging obstacle, or simply fostering positive client relationships, take the time to acknowledge and revel in the victories. This positive mindset contributes to making sales an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavours.

Let’s get rid of the stigma of sales once and for all… sales can be fun, engaging, and ultimately, immensely satisfying. It’s about embracing the challenges, finding joy in the process, and celebrating the successes. In consultative selling, you have the opportunity to lead this mindset shift and show your marketplace that sales is not just a job, it’s a profession that needs skill and knowledge. 

Formal sales training and mentoring can provide valuable insights and guidance to enhance your sales skills and boost your confidence in dealing with clients. Why not get in touch to see if our formal sales training or Mentoring is right for your business? 

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