Gain Focus & Clarity Of The Sales In Your Business.

Our dedicated sales coaching programme is designed to optimise your sales results in a more affordable way. Get personalised ongoing sales mentorship from Carlyn, our specialist sales coach, who will work with you on your most current sales objectives and concerns so that you can achieve the sales your business needs

Our exclusive sales mentorship programme also provides access to our online sales training for for you to use to upskill in areas that are identified within our sessions

For just £249 per month - boosting your businesses' sales has never been easier. 

Sales Mentorship & Coaching Programme

For Business Owners & Sales Managers Who Want Continued Focus & Clarity on Their Sales!

Monthly Sales Strategy Calls

As part of your sales coaching programme, you will receive a 1 hour session per month. These vital sessions with our dedicated sales coach will help you challenge you on your current sales issues you are facing and, together, we will create a specific plan that you can implement in your business straight away.


If you have been on the Sales Skills Mastery Course previously, this is the perfect opportunity to continue the work we've been working on & keep up the momentum! 

Full Audits of Any Piece of Sales Activities

A second pair of eyes can make you aware of areas that might need further attention.

You can send in 2-4 sales activities that you are working on every month, such as e-mails, sales calls/scripts, proposals or reports.  These will be audited to identify key improvements you can take on board to optimise the sales in your business.

You will also have access to online sales training lessons for you to use to upskill in areas that are identified within our sessions. 

Provides Accountability

Accountability is such an important part of the process. You are more likely to implement your required sales plan within the timescales required, which means that you will see the results faster! 

No Commitments

Our sales membership programme is not a 12-24 month subscription; you are not bound to any contracts and you can cancel anytime.

If you feel you are getting the support and sales mentorship you need then you can stay as long as you like! 

Carlyn has proved invaluable. I've gained confidence in my technique and significantly improved conversion rates. Her enthusiasm for sales is infectious

Why this Programme is the Go-To for Optimising Your Sales...

Sales Accountability & Coaching to support your SALES

Ongoing Personalised Sales Coaching For Your Business 

  • Get better quality leads - we can work on your lead generation together to improve your proactive sales activities to find the right clients for you. Don't leave it all to marketing to generate sales! 
  • Improve your conversion rates - if your leads aren't converting to new clients as often as you wish, we can focus on and optimise the activities that will help you convert more leads into happy clients. .
  • Unblock your sales process-  we can work together to provide structure to your sales process and work on eliminating any blockages that are stopping you from progressing to a sale. If you get ghosted alot, this will help! 
  • Secure your future sales pipeline - let's work on creating clarity in your sales pipeline - could you describe the value of your sales pipeline right now? If not, this may be where we start!
  • Increase your profitability  - we can provide focus & clarity on your overall sales strategy is an area often missed in sales management. We are often too busy day to day to focus on this side of the business.  We can look at the improvements in sales in your business that can really make a difference to the bottom line. 

Steph Walker


Really enjoyed the time we spent working with Carlyn. I felt she really understood the sales problems we had been facing and gave us the ideas to approach them differently and get through them.

Andrew Bowyer

business development manager

Her sessions are insightful as well as thought provoking, she kept me on my toes!  She was able to quickly decipher my best learning techniques. I cannot thank Carlyn enough for her support and guidance.

Ken Roach

Business owner

Carlyn's experience in sales and sales management brings valuable “know how” in improving the skills and qualities of your people. She enjoys her work and her interactive and “fun” approach make for a great learning experience.