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We are Technical Sales Specialists - we know our stuff when it comes to selling a technical product in a B2B marketplace, if you have a product that delivers an awesome solution then... 

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We provide 3 main services that will all enhance the clarity, structure & focus of sales in your business.

Technical Sales Consulting

Friendly and jargon-free, our experienced independent technical sales consultant will understand your sales issues and provide bespoke sales solutions specific to your business needs. 

Formal Online Sales Training

For Business Owners, Managers & Salespeople. Specific to your business - Includes 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions. Learn All The Tools Required To Build Confidence And Success In Sales !

Sales Mentorship Programme

For Business Owners & Sales Managers who want continued focus & clarity on their Sales! Working with you on your most important and current sales objectives & issues in an affordable way. 

Our Results

Steph Walker


Really enjoyed the time we spent working with Carlyn. I felt she really understood the sales problems we had been facing and gave us the ideas to approach them differently and get through them.

Andrew Bowyer

business development manager

Her sessions are insightful as well as thought provoking, she kept me on my toes!  She was able to quickly decipher my best learning techniques. I cannot thank Carlyn enough for her support and guidance.

Ken Roach

Business owner

Carlyn's experience in sales and sales management brings valuable “know how” in improving the skills and qualities of your people. She enjoys her work and her interactive and “fun” approach make for a great learning experience.

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