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We provide Technical Sales Consultancy & Training Programs - we know our stuff when it comes to selling a technical product in a B2B marketplace, if you have a product that delivers an awesome solution then... 

Carlyn - Technical Sales Specialists

Carlyn Wiltshire

Technical sales specialist

Carlyn is an experienced and passionate sales professional with more than 30 years in the industry. She's a highly-skilled Sales Manager and Sales Director who has worked in a variety of industries, including specialty chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and automotive. With her wealth of knowledge and success, Carlyn is the perfect choice to drive your sales performance.

Carlyn has a proven track record of success in increasing sales performance. Her experience in sales management and her knowledge of various industries are unmatched, and she has the skills and insight to effectively improve your business’s sales performance. With her leadership, you can trust her to help you boost your numbers and reach your goals

   Strategic Mindset and Vision

Carlyn is an energetic and strategic thinker who brings vision to your team. She is an excellent communicator, adept at listening to her team and customers to identify the best strategies for success.

With her experience and insight, she can provide clarity and direction to your sales process, helping you reach your goals in a timely manner. As a sales training expert in the UK and a technical sales consultant, Carlyn is well-equipped to optimise your team's performance and drive results with our Technical Sales Consultancy & Training Programs.

   The Perfect Choice for Your Business

Carlyn is a sales training expert in the UK and an experienced technical sales consultant. She has years of experience helping organisations increase performance and demonstrating measurable results. Her expertise lies in creating effective strategies that are tailored to your business's needs, which helps you achieve revenue goals within budget. Carlyn is highly qualified in all aspects of Sales Training, from developing customer relationships to creating successful sales processes.

She believes that with the right skills, tools and confidence, sales can be fun, exciting & very rewarding

Working with you

Carlyn collaborates with UK companies to enhance sales through the improvement of tools, skills, and resources. Her hands-on, interactive, and practical approach strengthens skills, boosts confidence, and delivers results with our Sales Consultancy & Training Programs.

With her expertise, she has helped businesses optimise their sales strategies, refine sales processes, and develop effective account management structures. If your business depends on nurturing relationships with medium to high-value customers, Carlyn can transform your consultative sales techniques and key account management to ensure customer retention and increased revenue.

Additionally, she offers her services as an interim Sales Director or Non-Executive Sales Director (NED), providing strategic support alongside management. Contact Carlyn for exceptional sales training in the UK and expert advice as a technical sales consultancy and training programs.

Our Results

Meet Andrew - He explains how our Sales Consultancy has helped his business. 

Meet Petra - See how she closed more sales and increased conversion rates for her business.

Phil-Sales Training

Phil Blythe


Carlyn's training has proved invaluable. I've gained confidence in my technique and significantly improved conversion rates. Her enthusiasm for sales is infectious and the training sessions and both enjoyable and informative. 


business development manager

Her support, depth of knowledge and friendly approach improved my success rates and helped me gain more new business. I am more successful today because of the guidance that Carlyn gave me.

James Pierce

Managing Director

Extremely useful. Very bespoke to our company and a very intimate experience. Highly recommended. Have attended other sales training courses and this was far superior

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