Media approached Carlyn Wiltshire of CW Sales because they were looking to develop my skillset and saw sales practice as the next area of my personal development. Sales Director Jonathan Scott knew Carlyn from his BNI group and having spoken to her was delighted when she offered her services.

From the initial meeting right through to the ongoing support that Carlyn has provided me with, I have nothing but high praise. Her outstanding teaching ability and time investment in me has not only led to me becoming more confident in the sales environment, and gaining my first medium sized client, but also understanding the processes attributed to a good sales pipeline and sales time management.

Carlyn has impressed me massively with her ability to relate to my industry needs and provide the support and guidance needed to let me learn from my mistakes. Taking advantage of my journalistic and marketing backgrounds effectively, she has ultimately allowed me to develop at a pace which has kept me engaged but also see results in a realistic timescale.

The content of the sessions has been insightful as well as thought provoking, which has kept me on my toes and aided my development. The fact that she was able to quickly decipher my best learning technique speaks volumes for her attention to individual client’s needs.

I cannot thank Carlyn enough for her support and guidance and I would have no qualms about recommending her to clients or friends who need similar sales support

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