May 6, 2015

Perfecting sales meetings – part 2

You’re ready, prepared, in the zone and possibly meeting your prospect for the first time.. NOW WHAT?

The next thing you need to be thinking about is establishing credibility, communicating value, and building trust. This is not solely done through understanding your products and how they fit with the needs of the client. Before you can do this, you need to quickly build rapport with the prospect and over time a strong customer relationship with them.

Here are 4 things you can do to build rapport and start to build a strong customer relationship with your new prospect.

  1. Stay relaxed and enjoy yourself – Sales is fun, after all !!! This may sound obvious, but you have no idea what sales people can get up to under pressure… so make sure you are prepared, understand what you would like to discuss and the objectives for the meeting. This way, you will be more relaxed and friendly helping the prospect you are visiting to feel the same. They will also believe that you understand their business/requirements and for these reasons alone, will enjoy your company much better!!
  1. Don’t start the meeting selling! – So you’re ready and eager, that’s great. You still need to break the ice a bit before you get stuck into the sales process. How would you like it if a salesperson just started selling at you? It can be seen as insensitive and rude, and definitely makes you look like you’re only interested in them for their business. If they have a choice they will buy off someone they like and relate to. “People buy people” is not just a saying…
  1. Find a commonality – People like people who have things in common with them, it’s just human nature. Most of the time we have many things we can relate to others with. It’s about finding these out … they may have a car you like, a picture of a cat on their desk, or just being in a similar industry may create mutual acquaintances. In any case, keep eyes & ears open when you first meet a new prospect for things you may be able to share stories with. Make sure however that you talk less and listen more, they may not be as interested in your cat as much as they are in theirs!
  1. Be likeable – Make sure you approach your prospect with a smile and a positive attitude. Nobody likes talking to a grump! Ok, so you may not be a super bubbly bouncy smiley “American” type person but even the true Brits can be very pleasant and amicable. Don’t push the happy button so much that you get to a point of scaring them away, just be your happy self and treat them like a friend. People want to like other people and it’s a lot easier for your prospect to like you and buy off you if you are approachable and friendly.

If you need any help with your sales skills, please contact me, I would be happy to support you.

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