January 11, 2015
New year resolutions
New Year’s Sales Resolutions – get yourself in the best shape to grow sales!

It’s 2015, and it’s time for the New Year resolutions… what have you chosen this year? Whatever it is, I hope you are successful and that it makes an amazing difference to your life.

Shouldn’t we be also thinking about things that we can do to improve our ability to sell more effectively and efficiently? Let’s get into sales shape and put us in the best position to smash targets and improve sales performance.

Here are two sales resolutions that will make a difference – I hope they inspire you.

1. Clean up your pipeline – A sales pipeline well managed will give you a great indication of your sales health. Manage it well and you will be better organised and feel more in control of your sales.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a pipeline that contains opportunities that are stuck or worse, dead. Be honest about your pipeline. If there are opportunities that aren’t going anywhere soon, make the call and remove them. Keep your pipeline clean and focus on opportunities that you can close. A healthy pipeline managed well will benefit you, as you will be able to manage real opportunities through the sales process faster and with better conversion rates.

2. Add more prospecting time to your diary – We get so busy so quickly and our diaries get filled up before we know it. There aren’t many that enjoy the hard work and rejection associated with finding and following up leads BUT put it off and your sales will peak and trough. Don’t start prospecting when the front end of your pipeline is empty – do it regularly.

Setting aside quality prospecting time in your diary on a weekly basis will ensure you keep a healthy pipeline with new opportunities feeding into it.

If you want any support in this area, I would be happy to help – Carlyn@cwsalesconsult.com

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