January 6, 2022

Happy New Year! I’m sure we all want a better strategies to increase sales this year!

We hope 2021 was a belter for you!! I know that we had a great year. And yet… we all want to smash last year’s targets and maybe even change our focus a bit this year.

We thought we would put together 4 sales resolutions or strategies to increase sales that you can put in place to increase your chance of success 🔥.

1.  Stop Procrastinating Your Sales Tasks 
  • Work on a positive sales mindset – having a positive sales mindset will help you overcome your avoidance tactics or getting outside your comfort zone. It can be quite daunting making those difficult sales calls if you are not in the right zone. We wrote a blog all about it! Read it here.
  • Following up is where the sales come from – remember that most people don’t buy on the first call, would you? If you procrastinate your follow ups you will reduce your success rate in sales, the longer you take the colder the lead gets… it’s a statistical fact.
2.  Stop being a Busy Sales Fool
  • Stop making loads of sales calls or doing lots of non-essential sales admin tasks. Be focused, understand your product offer and make sure you are moving your prospects along your sales process. Here’s a link to our blog all about being a busy sales fool.
  • Qualify Better – This is a great business strategy to increase sales. If you qualify your prospects well, you won’t waste your time with people who are very unlikely to buy from you. There are loads of tactics you can use – get in touch if you want to know more about good qualification.
3.  Build Relationships – No Need to Be Pushy!
  • Don’t be pushy in sales! I really don’t recommend it at all. Nothing more to say.
  • Just sell to people who want to buy from you. People will buy from you because you have the product they need and they like you, so building a good relationship should be your priority in a sale.

For more info on building strong relationships in sales read this blog.

4.  Deliver What You Promise both in product quality & service
  • Stop selling if you are failing here! There is no point going through your sales process of generating leads, qualifying well, finding out all about the prospect & building relationships and getting the business just to deliver badly. You will lose the customer and also get a bad reputation.
  • Growing too quick – this is the main reason we fail here. Do not overstretch unless you know you can deliver. If you can’t add resources to cope, then manage expectations & communicate well so that you don’t let customers down (as badly) – people are usually understanding.
  • Make sure you aim the deliver above their expectations – If you aim to deliver above expectations – don’t overpromise! You will then have many more happy and returning customers. If you want to book a free strategy call with us then click here

If you want to speak to us about any of these new year strategies to increase sales in more detail please get in touch!

We wish you all the very best in 2022!

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