October 24, 2022

It’s that time of the year when there are loads of scary movies available to watch .. if you dare! For a “thrill”, I’m going to create a silly things people do in a scary movie sales analogy. Sorry for the pun… but sales can be scary and you must have, like me, shouted at a screen showing a horror movie saying, “Don’t open that!”, Don’t go in there!”, “run!” 🤣

I don’t often watch Horror movies… mainly because I’m one of those people that can’t get scary and weird things out of my mind… and maybe I take them a bit too seriously! When I do though, I spend most of the time hidden behind a pillow wishing the people in the plot wouldn’t do the ridiculous things they do! 

Being scared can sometimes turn us all into incompetents, all logical reasoning can just fly out the window! 

In the movies, it expresses like this…

😱 They run and hide somewhere really obvious, under a desk/bed, behind the sofa, maybe even a closet with a slatted door… in any case, most of the time they corner themselves in.  

😱 They go to somewhere known to be scary to investigate it, AND THEN decide to enter an area that is making weird noises! Why?

😱 When under a major threat of life… they all split up to be bumped off individually! 

I could go on.. so many movies come to mind, Alien, The Shining, Jaws (why??), Scream … 

SALES can be scary too, especially if you don’t have the sales confidence and skill needed to deal with the fear associated with sales activities, particularly talking to leads for the first time or negotiating difficult situations. Without these… sales activities can be just like in the movies, we lose our logical reasoning and ability to think straight. 

To find out if this is happening to you, check out these common scary sales “symptoms” 

😱 We don’t do any lead generation sales activities at all, we procrastinate and find non- scary things to do and then wonder why our sales pipeline is below target.  To find out the most common mistakes of salespeople – check this blog

😱 When we do actually get around to our scary sales activities, we get all worked up and forget things we should have asked and done. To find out the most common mistakes of salespeople –check this blog

😱 When fear takes over… we start bumbling our words and start saying odd things that are probably confusing the person we are talking to who are expecting to be talking to a confident focused person who can help them.  To improve what you do in sales to sales activities – check this blog or Check out or blog on the 5 strategies for closing more sales.

If you want to improve your sales skills and change the theme of your movie.. get in touch !

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